watercolor catgirl with ears

The manga watercolor painting artist behind Psycho Kitty

Creativity has always been a passion of me. I have given up my fulltime job in order to make a living with what I love. I´m a big fan of cats, manga and watercolor paintings. My drawing style is inspired by the japanese manga. I also love to paint watercolor flowers and wedding stationeries.

To make a living with just art is quite difficult. Rent, energy and art supplies want to get paid, too. This is why I love to search for options to earn money online. I´m testing out lots of things in order to see what´s working.

I want to share everything I learn from my journey of making a living with creativity.

German and english

I´m a german watercolor manga artist but most of my content will be in english. My blog is still in german but I´m working on translating every post which will take some time. If you really want a blog post to be translated, please contact me.

Supporting the artist

If you like my art and want to support my dream of being a fulltime artist, I would be happy about every support. There are some ways to do so:

    • I´m working with affiliate links (links with *). Shopping through them will grand me a small commission. For you, there will be no extra cost whatsoever.
    • By buying my art in my merch shop, you help me pay my bills
    • Support me on patreon. Become my patron and get access to every manga watercolor painting (original character and fanarts)

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