creepy mermaid mermay2019

Title:  Manga watercolor Creepy mermaid

Material: watercolor*

Original: Frei/ 60,00 €

Print: digital art printables

Fandom: original character

So much fun. I did not plan anything nor did I make an elaborate sketch beforehand. I sketched out the skeleton of the character and just began inking. It´s been such a long time that I had black outline before I painted with colors and I must say: I missed it a lot. I really like her creepiness and personally, I´m much proud of the hands. I hate drawing hands…but I know that I have to train it so I practice during my vacation almost every morning.

For my previous mermaid I used liquid watercolors and I had some problems. Again, I wanted to use it for this artwork and I must say: I really love the brightness of liquid watercolor. It´s so beautiful und vibrant.

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