• Passive income

    with your art and your designs

Your problem as artist and designer?

  • Many artworks laying around?

    Do we not know this problem? So many works are eating dust. That´s a shame. Make something better out of this

  • Created a grafic and now?

    Trained much and created many grafics? Do not let them get to waste

  • Not much time

    Your time ist better invested in new creative works

  • Need of money and no place for inventory?

    Prints must be paid by you in advance. Not many can afford this

  • Hate shipping?

    Buying shipping materials, pack everything and going to the post office? Getting headache already?

  • Wish for passive income?

    You want a passive income that generates income while sleeping?

Printful is the perfect solution

for passive income

What is Printful?

Printful is a american print-on-demand company. It is printing your work on products and shipping the items to your customer. Under your brand/ name. Your customer won´t know that it is not you who is doing the shipping if you do not want them to know.

What does it cost?

Nothing. There are no fees or hidden costs. You only have to pay them the printing costs which you are getting back from your clients.

Is it trustful?

Since 2013 the printing company has printed and shipped 9,8 million items worldwide.

What Printful is doing for you?

  • your orders are fullfilled automatically. You don´t have to do anything
  • the printing costs are balanced via Paypal
  • they are shipping under your brand/ name. You can even let them pack give aways
  • return and support are done by Printful

Why you should use Printful?

  • no fees
  • set up once, the sales are now automated
  • passive income
  • no need to buy packing materials
  • no need to invest in prints which are perhaps not selling
  • minimum printing order: 1
  • they´re offering over 160 products (increasing)
  • reach customers worldwide without waiting long (branches in EU and Amercia)


  • woocommerce
  • ebay
  • amazon
  • shopify
  • etsy
  • squarespace
  • and many more. Here the full list: click*

How does Printful work?

  • digitize your work


    dpi is the key

    minimum 300 dpi, even better 600 dpi

  • Choose product


    Choose wisely

    Choose your product

  • Upload your work


    Fit it on the product

    Fit your work on the product. It´s easy. Printful shows you where the printing area is and also tells you if your work is not high quality enough (dpi)

  • Choose product pictures


    free mockup

    Choose one of the many mockups

  • product description


    take the demo or write your own

    Printful gives you a demo text. It describes really good the attributes of the item. Add some of your words.

  • Finished



    Now you can chill. Printful does the rest.

My personal experience with Printful

I´m still amazed by working with Printful. The first time working with this POD company, I only had to open the mail about an order. I have connected Printful with my etsy account (a guide for connecting the apps can be found on the homepage).

Payment was balanced directly via Paypal. This means, I received the customer´s payment via Paypal and at the same time, I payed the printing cost for Printful. They already began working on my order. I really had nothing to do.

A few days later, they shipped out my item. I received a notification via mail. As I wanted to tell my etsy customer about the new item status, I have seen with joy that Printful already did that for me. Can´t get any better.

I really can recommend Printful. It´s not a classic passive income but let´s face it: Which income does come with investing some effort first?

You can read here some of the other customers´reviews: click*

Demo of poster