Illustration: Redrawing Torida 2011 vs 2018

Torida is a character that I drew in 2011. In my freebie library she was the most downloaded illustration  so I thought I should redraw it again.

With this manga illustration I wanted to go a bit further. I took this chance to train how to draw a portrait*. I always wanted to have different drawing styles. Aside of the manga and anime style I wanted to have a more realistic style. I used a reference photo and copied the face and the direction of her sight. For this I often use and search for a fitting photo.

I know that some people do not like drawing with reference photos but I don’t see any harm. How else should you be able to get better? And an artwork looks more professional when you took a good look on photos. Especially for a newbie, you should be allowed to work with reference photos without being ashamed. There will come a time when you get better because you can draw from memory. But till I finally reach this stage, I´m gonna make use of

I really have to focus more on contrasts and shadows. Somehow, I don´t have the courage to paint more distinct shadows. But I like how the eyes are shining and I like the few shadows. The hair part is always my favourite part. I love drawing hair. It is so soothing.

The white highlights in her hair was done with acryl*. This is a technique that my most loved manga artists Clamp* are using. Somehow the illustrations get a dreamy feeling.