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I draw and paint everything that I like. Mangas, cats, fashion design…it only has to be fantasylike and playful…more

manga illustration death´s embrace

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Mangas drawing tutorials

I´ll show you some tipps and tricks that I have learned over the years. I also share my experiences with various artist´s supplies I have tested out…more

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Earning money online

It can be a long road to be able to live fulltime from creativity . Till you can do that you can earn money as a side hustle. I´ll show you how that works…more

Crazy Cat Stuff

Cats, Guild Wars, mangas, anime, books, crafting – everything that I enjoy. A chaotic ensemble of my hobbies…more

About me


Crazy Cat lover, Illustrator, bookworm – on a journey to find a way to earn fulltime with creativity more infos.