Elegant tealight holder – Wedding ideas

I wanted to thank a collegue and aside of a gift card, I wanted to give her something handmade. I had the idea for a long time now and this was the perfect occasion to do so.

The idea was to craft something with old wineglasses so that you can decorate those on wedding table or something festive like. I love tea lights and I love crafting paper flowers. It´s a perfect moment to combine those two. There are tons of ideas on what to do with whineglasses. Decorating with clay, painting, glueing etc. The upcycling ideas are many. I would like to have those on my wedding if I ever were to have one.

I´ll show you what I have crafted:

I quilled roses and 3 bigger ones. After having finished them, I have glued a pearl in the centre to give them a festive look. This all took ca. half an hour and I enjoyed it very much. Tea lights can be put into the whineglasses. Alternatively, my original plan was to fill the whole glas with candle. But I haven´t had enough time to do so. I will do so when there´s spare time.

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