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Do you know those DIY tutorials in which you can hide a watercolor kit in a small metal tin box? I always wanted to have a DIY travel watercolor kit on my own so I searched for a metal tin box. I didn´t have one and I refused to buy one, so I had to improvise. I recently bought jewelry from Esprit and I thought that the box it came with would be ideal for my project.

I now took out my watercolor pans and got superglue (please be careful…it´s going to dry real fast). I had a little accident and lost a bit of skin…no kidding…so pay attention when handling superglue.

Along the long side of the box´s bottom, I glued on every color that I used frequently…and that was almost all of my colors XD. I can´t just leave a color behind. They´re all so pretty.

I needed a mixing palette on the upper half of the box. Another user told me to use polymer clay but it didn´t go well at all. I wasn´t able to mix my colors in there at all. The polymer clay mixing palette could hold water quite well but I was unhappy with the mixing. So I needed something different and then I got an idea: I had old make up utensils from a dollar store. I didn´t used them as make up per se. I was painting with that XD. So I took out all the make up and used them as mixing palettes.  Now that is how my DIY travel watercolor kit looks like. I just have to find a solution for my water problem. Or I could use those watercolor brushes with a built in tank. They are very practical.

Did any of you crafted something simliar? I would like to see your kind of DIY travel watercolor kit. If you like to, you write me.

Materials that I used:



If you don´t want to craft one yourself, here are some alternatives:

Option 1 by Lukas*

Option 2 by Royal Talens*

Option 3 by Koi*

Option 4 by Schmincke*

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