Who is Psycho Kitty?

Or what?

A crazy cat lady

Creativity was always a passion of me. I have given up my fulltime job in order to make a living with what I love. I´m a big fan of cats, manga and animes. My drawing style is very inspired by the japanese comics. My designs are full of cats…because cats rule the world.

To make a living with just art is quite difficult. Rent, energy and art supplies want to get paid, too. This is why I love to search for options to earn money online. I´m testing out lots of things in order to see what´s working.

On my homepage, I want to share everything I learn from my journey of making a living with creativity. Perhaps, you find these information useful.

Supporting the artist

I would be happy if you would consider supporting my dream. There are a few options:

  • I work with a few affiliate programs. That are those links with a little star :). Every time you make a purchase through my links, I´m rewarded a small provision. You are not paying more than the normal price
  • By ordering prints from my shop. That would help me out greatly